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by Benji Trio

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Redemption 02:50
Why must they always run in mayhem? Busting a vain obscenities. Why must I always fall too grey down, running a train. Oh wait, remind me, what am I doing this for again? Shit hes on to us. Reboot him. Why must they always run in mayhem? Busting a vain, obscenities. Why must I always fall to grey down, the crown is mine if I'd wanna be. The 666 attendant of an exploration into fuken outer space. Creating a new human race. Kind of wasted out like, air-conditioned scouter. High definition pouter. Turn the condition louder. Relocation after mass destruction. Hibernation into ash n nothing. Just let us be a part of something, bigger. Claustrophobic and bitter. Just a moment ago I felt the glow, after a long day of work and fright. I only see/feel safe at night. Work and fright, kind of like a huge mechanic monster screech. It might be time to lay of the night armor sword, preech. Some sense into these motherfuckers. Cocodulddu hens and energy suckers. Who is responsible for the butchering of the common sensitivity? Lions den, but they ran out of activities. So they pretend and yell madness hell. I'm glad this planet is coming to an end.
Clouds 03:50
Alright, my head is clouded enough. I can finally get to work. I was always told life was rough, happiness is just a perk. Its a privilege allotted in small amounts, by the cigarette bosses with large accounts. But, see them clouds I deserve to be happy too. Life’s too loud I deserve to be happy too. Rooted in we are driven by addiction, regulations wont let us confess. Alright I’m in, got a connection? I need some more of this, gimmie more of this. Wait, its a privilege you say. Well how much do I gotta pay? To see them clouds and be happy again, I deserve to be happy too.
President 03:09
My brain is on overdrive, Sometimes I find myself writing songs while Im dreaming. Sometimes I wish that I could stop myself from overthinking. I could see the time quickly running down the sinking hole am I? Shit I did it again, bought in to a new prospective. Problem is it always comes with consequences. Sometime I wish that I was dumb as a rock, maybe that way I could sleep instead of fucking caring. Bout this godamn situation, my brain fuckin hurts. Is this it? Let me tell u, it sucks here. Birds and the bees getting extinct, religion wars hellish heat. My beat is the only thing keeping me afloat I think. And weed, all this overflow. Sorry, overdraft I mean. Scene seems familiar, calm yourself she says to me. Everybody needs to fall at times, oh and also she. Is keeping me just a little inch above insanity. Im a prophet motherfucker, deal with it. And I'm writing these words while I'm getting some head. Deal with it, I'm the closest thing you got. Even your messiah used to bust a nut, motherfucker. Deal with it. If god is an alien, your prophets are crazy men. Following the law of a race made of lizards Mumbling the law of a race who is crazy. Cant figure, it out, doesn’t it seems insane. That every religion got sex n blood stains. Every religion got sex and blood stains. Every religion got sex and blood stains. Never tell me that I cant move up. I would come back and retaliate. Aint no time for bullshit Im a straight shooter. Now let me see ya fucken hands, if you hate your president. Did you ever wonder how much time it takes, To go from madman back to sane? I got angry 50 times already, just writing these lines. I got plans to ged rid of it but its mine. So selfish and ignorant, fucking rhymes. Im a prophet mothefucker, or at least the closest thing you got to it for now. And I say, explain to me how Its makes fucking scene to you to kill for a bow? Racism has no context, not even god will, bring back the old times if our minds have since progressed. Everytime you rinse your hand with blood I see through you. And if I knew better I would think that your. Doing this shit on purpose, prospect, is just in the head its a concept. Worth is, nothing but a word or a mind set. Is this it? Cuz today it seems it evolved into fine shit. Never tell me that I cant move up. I would come back and retaliate. Aint no time fo bullshit Im a straight shooter. Now let me see ya fucken hands, if you hate your president.
I used to be at peace, when I woke up in the morning. I used to bee at ease. Its a new day, a new way to fulfill my enormous potential. Jeez, since when since when, have you become so cynical cynical. Weed, is definitely there but I swear I'm at the pinnacle. Of my imagination, I developed tools of succession. And every success, is a lesson to the next. That's why my text is a bomb, you need a shelter just to listen. I don't need a reason. To explain why instead of happiness I feel treason. God I swear I need them. The excess and the rest, I eatem all omnivores. I never rest. I can be so cold, for so long, with no emotions at all. Till my salary comes. Well my devotion is to make my salary, wait for me. Till I'm done. We have begun. Yep yep we have begun. Now you so dumb. You used to be at peace. Now everything a godam, run for it. I gotta run for it. I gotta jump n escape n puch. Tribulation? I'm done with em. Cuz trust I'm okay with punch. If I look around I can see no destiny for me. Cuz, it's likely that I have no bounds. Too developed, no conversasion. Just telepathic systematic relations. Whatever, I don't need them. I probably don't care for nothing. Ill advised, that's why my mother is worried by my rhymes. Promise guys, fingers crossed, by god I hope I'm fine. Yeh yeh by god I hope I'm fine.
Be Alone 03:52
Don't ever be alone, its rough. Anything that you own, is stuff. Don't ever be a loner. Anything that you own. Baby my baby I'm here, although it doesn't seem like that at times. When I'm there, writing my rhymes, staring into blank space. When you trynna talk to me, aint no hypocrisy, there aint no better place I'd rather be than here. Can you hear me knocking? From now on I take anything I knew, cramp to a ball and I shuv it down my pocket. Stamp it to a pole and I put in a locket. Imma write you a song every day, fuck it. Write you a song every day. Cuz I'm crazy bout you, and crazy is always what crazy is due. Due to the circumstances understand me, baby my baby she do. Fuck it, I'm a star playing the flute. Sooth every foot you walk on Raja Ram just for you. Who'd you drag today. Anytime I talk they talking while I talk, but no one understand I don't play. Plate and dishes, fool stay. Imma write you a song every day fuck it. Write you a song every day. Anywhere I stand there's a deeper meaning. That's why I'm always high. Got my guy, got my gall and my mind shit right. And my mind shit tight, like a pussy of an angel. Imma write you a song every night, fuck it. Write you a song every night.
Creeze 2.0 03:23
Now clap your hands for the real talent, He's got 50 billion million views and counting. Make some noise, lose your balance. Running in the masses to see a cunt in action. Nowadays what was used to be art in its highest form, has turned into a striptease with a sing along. Bring me to the sixties I'd rather bepiddebop. Than watch an infant child with a high pitched voice, grinding on some fake ass butt. My face is melting doc, I need another shot. Botox it'll fix you up, see ain't we lucky. Looking good is just another way to get fucked. Tube socks we are breaking up, now that I'm honky. I don't wanna use no names, but there are people who use fame. To fuck and wash your brains. Making money is what they came for. You keep eating up the same crap. At the end you drool and clap. Then go back to the boring life, dreams of fucking someone's wife. Push my buttons call it creez All along were being pissed on, I need a gun a fucking pistol. Minds all raped while on their knees. Stickem to a screen, call it education. I'd rather call it the next dumb generation. I understand, your point may be valed. But common we've been chewing on the same same salad. For twenty years and see where we are, couch. No flying cars, fidget spinners in the white house. Anyways, what was supposed to be the start of a new millennium. Has turned into a bug that consumed us all, venomous. We flew so fast as we run in the masses. As we are but pupets, in a play. Conspiracy ok. How can we be blind, and yet so stupid? Eyes are from inside, yet its all polluted. Currently, we are all getting fucked from on top. Every single day, second, moment we are getting fucked.
Cleo 01:40
Thursday morning, I woke up overwhelmed today. We are joking it makes me feel like it's okay. Though we're through, I'm the only one who wants to stay. Life was blue and then she came in and blew me away. Thursday morning the beginning, it's the weekend. I'm sick of learning and pretending it all make sense. Hurry the bus is so yellow, show me the way to the medow. Will me to stay and then follow, I wanna follow you. Burry the past it's to shallow, manic depression come hello. I use to be close to the top and then she flew. Red oh, give you my blanket and pillow. Why won't you take it, it's all I ever get the giving too. Said so, beauty is pain she got million. Cleopatra ain't got nothing over you. Said so, shot me right down in the middle, Double entendre just for me and you.
2 hours sleep, of course you late to work. Im sorry to keep you, I lost the way to paradise. 20 miles deep, I lost my way to parasites. Happy to meet you, debt. But you will not define me, you will not control my mind, You will not describe me, timid taunt organize. I am sure that Ill be rich sometime, cruising n chillin. But riches like bitches, just aint fulfilling. And I aint sayin that its fun to be poor, just easy to forget what its for, see. Come the blessing, wont be taken for granted. Everything you're missing has already been planted. Planned long ago, money is means. And it means nothing have you ever seen it? World of Lies. 7 hours sleep, still late to work. Maybe its just me or, maybe its the weed. Or maybe I dont got enough motivation, to work for money. May it as that be. Backward twisted hallucination. Actor temptress separating one from another. The best un lover. Bastard priest on the run. Word of lies, ones and zeros. Has anybody seen my one billion Euros? Has anybody seen my Malibu house? I think it's up there in the cloud. Well then, are you really going to act satisfied? Hell no, I got too much I want to accomplish in life. Well then, come on up here and check out the view. We knew the you are Malibu material. As soon as me and you become delirious. Yall have plenty of cereal, all the weed you want. Success, is measured only by a fine line. Come and dine with us it your time to shine. Its your time to shine. You mothefucker.


released August 28, 2020


all rights reserved



Benji Trio Israel

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